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What are the regulations for children's costumes?

Children's costumes must comply with EN71. This is a European standard which tests for flammability, choking and strangulation hazards, and toxicity. In the UK and Europe, nightdresses, pyjamas, dressing gowns, bath robes and similar garments must comply with the Nightwear (Flammability) Regulations standards BS 5722 and other relevant standards. Our dedicated in-house team ensure that all of our children's costumes (and certain accessories) are manufactured and rigorously tested to comply with both EN71 regulations and Nightwear (Flammability) Standards. This ensures that all Smiffys children's costumes exceed safety standards.

The Smiffys Approach

We are delighted to be working with the Lincolnshire Trading Standards on the Primary Authority pilot scheme recognising how seriously we take safety. Every product line is quality controlled at production stage and on arrival in to the UK. Additional spot checks are performed as a surveillance measure, to ensure that the highest safety standards are maintained.